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Major R. Coleman Consultants Ltd. provides high quality legal and law enforcement training or consultation in the United States or in most countries around the world. Major R. Coleman Consultants Ltd., opened for business on July 1, 2015.  Major R. Coleman Consulting Ltd. is a Limited Liability Corporation owned by Major R. Coleman, Esq., it is registered in Nevada and operates offices in Alexandria, Virginia and St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands.

Major R. Coleman retired on June 30, 2015, after spending over 20 years as a Senior Trial Attorney with the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ).  The last eight years of his illustrious career was spent internationally assigned to the Office of Overseas Prosecutorial, Development, Assistance and Training (OPDAT).  Major R. Coleman’s resume illustrates his forty-five years of extensive legal and law enforcement experience that serves as the foundation for the quality of service that you will expect and receive from Major R. Coleman, Consultants Ltd.  Please also read the recommendations for Major R. Coleman and more about him on his LinkedIn site.  Just Google his name to locate it.

Major R. Coleman Consultants Ltd., will subcontract to provide consultation in areas your firm may not feel comfortable addressing.  We will conduct preliminary assessments for any county seeking ROL funding from international stakeholders.  Our assessment will provide a thorough analysis to determine the ROL strengths and weaknesses in your system and we will provide a professionally written report that will accurately document the areas of concern in your country, the causes behind those concerns, and identify specific training or remedial programs to resolve the issues found.

Major R. Coleman Consultants Ltd., will also coordinate with other businesses or consultants to provide supervision or mentoring experience to those who seek guidance concerning international training, ROL training experience in specific areas or consultation regarding any of the above.  We will also provide site visitors to a ROL project anywhere in the world to determine whether your contract is being run consistent with the program requirements in your contract.

Major R. Coleman Consultants Ltd., will target private security, police departments and prosecutor offices of any size; all domestic government contracts  or business in most foreign countries concerning community relations, crime scene investigation, a broad range of covert or overt investigative techniques, a wide varity of  prosecution techniques and considerations; the handling of complex crimes, public corruption, international narcotics, domestic violence, and child and sex trafficking, among others.  You have probably spent weeks online searching for a qualified ROL expert because most who advertise themselves as one usually lack  quality experience in the fields they call themselves “ROL experts,” they have minimal or no international ROL experience or they lack ROL training experience.  During his government service  Major R. Coleman recruited many experts in various ROL fields who continually collaborate with Major R. Coleman Consultants Ltd., to provide quality training in most areas of expertise. Major R. Coleman Consultants Ltd., also welcomes resumes from experienced ROL professionals who seek to provide their expertise wherever needed.  Major R. Coleman Consultants Ltd., will strictly review all applications and chose only those who meet our strict selection standards.

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Legal Disclaimer

Major R. Coleman Consultants Ltd is not a law firm; thus, we will not provide direct legal advice, nor will we form an attorney client relationship with our customers.  We will provide the highest quality rule of law training to police, prosecutors and government stabilization experts by encouraging our customers  to engage with their prosecuting attorney, Attorney General, in-house counsel or other legal advisors to provide the legal advice necessary to the  development of competent and quality training.  This localized collaboration will assist in the improvement of internal regulations, employee performance, evidence gathering, investigative techniques, trials, or whatever else that may be essential to their mandate to lawfully govern their community, including those under investigation or who may be charged with a crime.

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